New Members

Welcome, new members of the MEA!  Until you get your official MTA card, with member number for the Members Only section, you may find important information here.

The Union
Building representatives and the Executive Board are only a phone call, e-mail, or classroom away.  Ask for help if you need it.  We are here for you!

The Evaluation Instrument
The new evaluation instrument is in its second year.  As new teachers, you will have formal observations, so be familiar with the document.  You received hard copies of it (as part of the contract) and it is also online in the Members Only section.

It is very important that you check your first paycheck.  Also, check the pay dates and your cycle.

1.  Salary Chart

2.  Payroll Deduction Codes
Confused?  Here is a list of the codes your check will have.

3.  Check your deductions!

Our Website
As soon as you can, log on to the Members Only site and find more information.  It is a lot to digest at first, so take your time to understand it all.
@ Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School

350 Lynn Fells Pkwy

Melrose, MA  02176

office: 781 462-3130